Dermaflash has joined forces with Perricone MD for a special collaboration. Through our partnership, we are offering a 360 approach to skincare. The Ultimate Exfoliation and Treatment System is an age-defying regimen, delivering optimal skin health at home by clearing away dead skin cells and built up debris while simultaneously removing peach fuzz. The result? Smooth, radiant-looking skin!

WHAT IT DOES: Evens skin tone and texture, unveiling smooth, radiant skin. Clears away dead skin cell buildup and unwanted peach fuzz. Softens the look of fine lines and wrinkles. WHAT IS INCLUDED:

  • DERMAFLASH Prep (25 mL/ 0.8 fl oz)
  • DERMAFLASH Facial Exfoliation Device
  • DERMAFLASH Single Use Edges (6) Perricone Blue Plasma Cleaning Treatment (59 mL/ 2 fl oz)
  • Perricone OVM (30 mL/ 1 fl oz)
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Go From Fuzzy To Fabulous In a Flash! This revolutionary, exfoliating facial device, painlessly removes dead skin cells, built up debris, and pesky peach fuzz. Results are immediate. Smooth, radiant, touchable skin is instantly revealed. DERMAFLASH was specifically designed for the delicate skin on a woman’s face and was created by a woman for ALL women.

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Dermaflash Dermaflash

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DERMAFLASH Exfoliation and Peach Fuzz Removal Device. Ultimate gift for any woman, any age, any ethnicity with ANY skin type!